Missing someone is hard no matter who the person is. To put it simple, it sucks. Sucks really bad. Wondering if they miss just as much as you miss them or thinking maybe they are living their lives happily without you and you never once cross their mind. Then you think about rekindling the flame but then withdrawing from that effort because you selfishly think to yourself “why do I have to put in the effort?”. In the end you lose because you shy away from reaching out and continue missing them. In this time of longing, all you have are the many memories you made together; both good and bad. And it’s the only thing that makes you feel connected to the those you feel you have lost. You become jubilant from the memories or you find yourself wishing you could relive them again.

If there is one thing I’ve ever wanted it’s to go on a typical cliché first date.
He’d pick me up, or we’d meet up, at the movies as we both try to play cool when in reality we are both nervous (or maybe just I’d be). We’d then sit in the theatre, wait for the movie to start as we indulge on our buttery popcorn, and make small talk. Then, as we both reach for the popcorn, our hands touch and have an “oops… (;” moment. As the movie starts we suddenly scoot closer to each other. Then he would finally do that god awful, lame, cheesy yawning/stretching thing and put his arm around me (or he’ll just straight up to do) and I’ll start blushing like an idiot, but he won’t notice because it’s dark. Finally, as the movie comes to a close, we ask each other what we thought of the movie as we walk out together all chipper and head out for something to eat. We further discuss our like/dislike of the movie over dinner and them we’d stray away from that and move towards a different, more interesting conversation. As the night comes to a close he’ll walk me to my car and try to steal a kiss. Whether I accept it or not is a mystery…

And then I’d arrive home with a text from him saying he had a great time and would love a second date which,in my mind, would include ice skating and ice cream, but that’s a different story.

Too cliché? Too juvenile? Maybe. But to me, it sounds absolutely lovely.